Rebol / Red
Developer Conference


Montréal, Canada—


A developer conference aimed at organizing and advancing the state of Rebol-derived languages and the professional and hobbyist developer communities surrounding these.

At this critical stage of the language/platform evolution, several key decisions pertaining to its future will take place at the devcon.

Many of the world’s prominent Rebol experts will be attending in person or remotely.

You’ll have a rare chance to meet Rebol’s creator, Carl Sassenrath. He has confirmed attendance at this year’s devcon.


Involvement in panels, presentations and events will result in tangible results in shaping the Rebol ecosystem’s future in many ways.

Be among the first to witness live demonstrations of Rebol-driven cutting edge technology.

It’s a chance to meet face-to-face with community members from around the globe. You can pay off your beer debts or simply spend some quality time with other ardent Rebol/Red fans!


To attend the devcon, complete your registration and free up your schedule for a few days in mid-July.

Registration is cheap so you can put your money toward transportation and lodging.

Those with an AltME account on the Rebol4 world, or a StackOverflow chat account can get in touch with the community to organize sharing expenses.