Prof. Rebmuthalamonious (”Rebmu”) Golfstanipetrovitch will be showing off his [ i==FTR ] presentation.

In Detail

I’ve received news about a last-minute speaker, Rebmuthalamonious Golfstanipetrovitch, who’ll be flying in to Montreal. He is representing a secretive startup that has been making investments in Rebol for the last two years. As chief designer of their new language, he believes it to be the most exciting development since Red.

Having seen a few of the slides I can only say that this is going to be mind-bending, and may wind up being the most-watched talk of the conference!

Feedback From Community Required

Due to the open-sourcing of Rebol under an Apache 2 license, the Professor has been given permission to react in kind. He’ll be soliciting feedback from attendees as to whether his should be BSD to match Red, or Apache2 to match Rebol.