All speakers listed here: are formally invited to give a presentation at the conference. The actual schedule can and will change, and the list of expected speakers may and has changed. Most, if not all, people giving a presentation are doing so as enthusiasts, showing off their personal projects, rather than professionals representing a company and a product.

The Recode Developer conference is a volunteer driven event, with no speaker being paid to give presentations or invited with the goal of being hired by a Canadian company.


The goal of the Conference is solely to help raise awareness about computer languages and its mostly enthusiast, user community. There are no monetary gains in taking part in the conference, nor will any attendees be handed over any trade secrets from any Canadian company.

Rebol and Red Computer Languages

Both of these languages, the focus of the conference itself, are Open Source and completely Free, as per this wikipedia reference page: . Not only are they free of charge as in free beer, but they are also free to modify and change and redistribute.

Rebol is an acronym for Relative Expression Based Object Language, and Red is a Reduced Dialect of Rebol

No Relation between organisers and attendees

None of the organisers are related in any way to the people attending the conference. The Main Organiser, Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch has met several of the attendees in person, including some who will be giving a presentation.

Length of Visit in Canada

As far has been discussed with all participants and volunteers, everyone is expected to stay at a hotel for at most a week or two, after which attendees will exit Canada. Some attendees have extended their visit by a few days before and/or after the 12th-14th of July in order to visit solely on vacation, as tourists.

Attendees, whether they give a small presentation or not, are expected to pay for their Hotels on their own.


Coginov, inc. located at:

4000 St-Ambroise St. Suite 375
Montreal QC, H4C 2C7

registered on 2002-08-06, Is helping organise the conference and is sponsoring some of the events taking place in relation to it. Coginov, is a company with innovative Semantics Technology and a unique set of software products and framework to help you add structure and intelligently classify information.

The only Coginov Facility being visited by Attendees is the main office at above address.