Montréal is a vibrant, metropolitan, and culturally diverse city.


Some attendees are staying at Hotel Les Suites Labelle. If you beg and plead and say you are attending the ReCode Conference, you may still be able to get the discounted conference rate (if all the rooms aren’t already sold).

There is also a Trello board for room sharing.

For the price and the location, Les Suites Labelle seems to be the cheapest we found, even including the larger hotel chains with smaller rooms.

Conference Location

In terms of the space where the conference will be held, Its going to be chosen at the last minute out of a few spots, since it will really depend on the number of participants. Different alternatives have already been secured, so we’re all set. In any case, we will be greeting people in the Coginov offices, so you have a single place to remember when you arrive.

For those who arrive by car, there is private parking here for $15/day, so you won’t have to leave your car in the streets if you don’t feel like it.

The Saturday VIP lounge/banquet is already reserved. It will be a bit different than what’s been setup in previous devcons. The fee for the whole devcon doesn’t even cover the cost for renting that very exclusive space if we wanted to do it on our own. The lounge has an 80 inch flatscreen, sauna, bar, pool table, several tables and sofas, a few collectible automobiles including an F1 car right in the space as decoration, and more.


As big cities go, Montréal is actually quite safe when following common-sense, personal safety guidelines.


Montréal is one of the oldest cities in North America with a very picturesque area called the Old Port.

A lot of things to do, many cinemas, bars, shopping.

Few know that Montréal has the largest underground pedestrian/transit network in the world. One can literally get out of bed, walk to the subway underground, in one building, go to eat in one of the many food courts which are found in some of the larger stations, and go to work without ever setting a foot outside! This is likely the result of dealing with winters with -30 degrees (Celsius) and knee deep snow!

The Just For Laughs comedy festival will be in full-swing during ReCode.

Note that the ReCode doesn’t endorse and is not associated with any of the sites linked here. These are provided for your convenience.

Transit options


Montréal has an underground subway, and good street coverage by bus in all parts of the city. The subway is safe, in general, even at night. An option is to get a day, 3 day or weekly transit pass which is economic.

Get all the transit info for tourists


Montréal is home to a unique public bicycle renting system which allows you to rent and store public bicycles right off the street in many stations throughout the city. if you want to ride a bike for a few hours, its a good way to go.

A quick note on restaurant and bars


In the province of Québec, tips are rarely part of the bill/check, so please consider giving the standard amount of 15% to your server, because s/he actually pays income tax on tips, whether you actually give them or not.

If you do get very bad service, it’s OK to give less, but no tip should be given only rarely, as a result of some major occurrence/disagreement.

In bars, one or two dollars per drink is a typical tip.


It’s common for everyone at a table to ask for separate bills, so there’s no need to bring cash in order to be able to split a bill.

drinking alcohol in public spaces

This is tolerated when there is reasonable behaviour and when it doesn’t involve minors.

non-carbonated water

Is is typical (not rude) to get non-carbonated, ordinary tap water at all restaurants for free when ordering a meal. In bars, one generally can get bottled water.

credit cards/ATM banking

Most restaurants have an ATM machine or an ATM enabled cash register. If you wish to withdraw funds, though, it’s much safer to do so at banking locations which offer higher security and lessen the chance of encountering skimming devices.

All banks provide international exchange when withdrawing money at an ATM, using Cirrus or similar networks.