Thursday, July 11th

For those coming early by car or plane, various activities will be organized for sight-seeing, possibly attending outdoor, free events at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in the evening, if the weather permits.

These activities will be organized at the last minute with people known to be arriving, so if you want to have a bit of fun before the serious talks begin on Friday morning, please let us know what you’d like to do and we’ll be happy to see if it fits in with the rest of the ideas!

Friday, July 12th

7h00 AM

Opening of the conference room, sound & streaming tests.

For anyone doing a presentation, if you wish to test/setup your equipment with our projection and webcasting equipment, we will be there and available for the entire 2 hour period from 7h00-9h00AM.

9h00 AM

Meet and greet - a chance for everyone to chat before the day begins.

Coffee and snacks will be served (Vodka will be available for those who need to loosen up before presenting ;-) )

10h00 Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch (aka moliad) (aka Max)

Kick off speech,

10h30 Robert Johnson + (Max)

Coginov semantic API, see one of the most advanced uses of parse on the planet working to extract knowledge out of arbitrary text in various ways.

11h30 David den Haring

Davix will give a brief overview of the company “Atronix Engineering” and also talk in-depth about their Rebol-based software product – ASCADA.

12h00 Brian (”Hostile Fork”) Dickens

Brian will talk about a variety of Subjects relating to improve Rebol’s image, governance and community.


Lunch break

14h00 Ron Everett

Ron will talk about where Relavance is now at and will some details about their next-generation associative information database engine.

14h40 Max

Integrated Demo of Relavance within Rebol, using a C++/CLR (MS .net) bridge library.

15h00 Bo Lechnowsky

Bo will be Showing off his Camera system running with Red and Rebol software.

15h30 Max

Liquid demystified



16h30 Max

Glass introduction

17h00 Nenad Racocevik (aka “Dockimbel”)

RED part 1) what is Red

6h00 PM (18h00)

End of official sessions, dinner break

7h00PM (19h00)

Banquet/party at the Château St-Ambroise private lounge. What you can expect:

  • Dinner will be served directly at the lounge
  • Full bar
  • Pool (the kind with cues)
  • Nick and Max might perform the Rebol song live (guitar + vocals)!
  • Hackathon demo, judging and prize(s)
  • Play Machinarium video games on 6 foot flat screen!
  • Jacuzzi
  • Fantasize over the collection of race cars in the lounge
  • Network with other Rebolers
  • Work out implementations while under the influence of alcohol.

Saturday, July 13th

8h00 AM

Opening of the conference space for meet and greet

9h00 Morning meet and greet , show-offs.

10h00 AM

Opening speech (community!)
Arnold video :-)

10h10 Nenad

Red Part deux) Red/system and live coding session.

11h00 Carl Sassenrath

home control using Rebol3

11h30 Gregg Irwin

Zero mq, OR possible talk about using Rebol in day to day business.


Rebol : Community Panel, exact subject will be chosen Friday

13h00 Lunch break

14h00 Prof RebMu Golfstanipetrovitch

The professor will doing his [ i==FTR ] presentation.

14h15 Chris Ross-Gill

An Overview of Quarter Master, an underestimated Web framework completely running on Rebol.

15h00 Max

Liquid Advanced + header box DSL & Giveaway




Rebol Community structure Panel


Hackathon (group live coding ) project announcement and start


end of day, but people may stay and continue work on Hackathon (We should all hope).

Sunday, July 14th

9h00 AM - ALL DAY

Conference space open all day for Hackathon, ad-hoc meetings or presentations, tutoring, coding, community discussions, etc.

6h00PM (18h00)

Conference ends