Robert Johnson, Coginov

CTO of Coginov, Robert will be demonstrating cutting edge Semantic Information processing from arbitrary text. Rebol is used to process every aspect of the Natural Language analysis, in order to produce automated classification, concept extraction, automated resumes, tag clouds, language identification, identities and more. The system runs in a variety of ways, including as a web API running SOAP, or REST interfaces to every functionality running on Cheyenne using concurrent handlers.

Nenad Rakocevic, (aka “Dockimbel”) Red Language Creator

Nenad will be making a complete demonstration of the latest releases and roadmap of Red and Red/System, a compiled, Rebol-inspired language.

Carl Sassenrath, Rebol’s inventor

With a roadmap filled with exceptional achievements, Carl comes to ReCode after a year filled with tough decisions and game-changing resolutions.

By open sourcing Rebol v3 (aka Rebol3 or R3), he has allowed a new breath of life to take shape within the Rebol community.

Now working at Roku, he takes a break in his busy schedule to come and review where the community is going with his brain-child and impart his clarity and common sense to the group of enthusiasts and professionals taking the lead to move Rebol forward.

Read about Carl’s upcoming presentation on Carl's Rebol Blog

Brian Dickens (Hostile Fork)

Quoting him directly:

“Well certainly my talk in Montréal will be a talk on the state of things and ultimatums and I guess there will be neurotoxins involved for those who are going to be contrarian against my wishes.”

Of all the talks, if one should cause a ruckus and force people to take positions on some pointy issues, it will be this one. Expect discussion on forming teams, resources and communities, and oh please don’t get him started on the use of the /ONLY refinement.

Nick Antonnacio

A long time Rebol user, Nick will give a talk on the viability of using Rebol to manage most aspects of running a large-scale business.

He will provide a case study on how he uses Rebol daily to run !Unable to parse tag!, a 120,000 sq.ft. indoor market square in Pittston, Pennsylvania.

Unfortunately, Nick informed us on Sunday, July 7th that he will not be able to attend the conference due to unavoidable circumstances. From his email:

As it turns out, several personal and professional obligations have forced me to cancel my trip to the event.

Maxim Olivier-Adlhoch, Coginov

One of the organizers of ReCode, Max will be giving live presentations of the latest versions of some of his libraries, including Glass, liquid and Remark.
Other talks might include the use of his web-api module to convert Cheyenne into a flexible web service host.

Max will also host the Hackathon event for which a (still-to-be-determined) prize (and bragging rights) will be up for grabs.

Christopher Ross-Gill

A Web technology consultant, Christopher will be doing a demo of QuarterMaster, a very powerful web CMS/framework written entirely in Rebol. It’s far more advanced than it looks at first glance, is open source and very flexible.

Using the MVC paradigm, one can easily model just about any dynamic web site and with tools to manage the DB schema, bootstrap integration and out-of-the-box wiki module, building complex sites is easier than ever.

Ladislav Mecir

Not yet confirmed, but I expect Ladislav would be happy to bring a hot release of R3 with him which runs on his Android phone! If at all possible, we’ll try to get Ladislav to build a presentation on the R3GUI.

Bo Lechnowsky

Bo is a former employee of Rebol Technologies where he worked in Quality Assurance and Community Technical Support. For the past 12 years, he has been running Respectech, the corporation he founded after his departure from Rebol Technologies. Respectech runs primarily on Rebol-based software.

He will be giving a short presentation on the high definition security cameras he has been developing for over a year. He is hoping to use them to stream the ReCode conference live over the Interwebs. The cameras use Rebol3 and Red/System running on an embedded system based on Debian Linux.

David den Haring, Atronix Engineering

David is the Director of Technology and Standards at Atronix Engineering. He will give a brief overview of the company and also talk in-depth about their Rebol-based software product – ASCADA.

Gregg Irwin

Direct quote from Gregg:

I just got a deliverable out, though I’ve been under the weather for almost a week. Not sure I can put something together, but with Nick out, I can maybe do a 0MQ talk with old examples or something like Nick’s talk, about a business that depends heavily on REBOL.

Prof. Rebmuthalamonious (”Rebmu”) Golfstanipetrovitch

The professor will doing his [ i==FTR ] presentation.

Prepare for a mind-bending session.